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Narbonne Class of '05 Study Group

Ah, the ease of senior year!

Homework Sucks.
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This is now a closed community. Contact the maintainer for membership.

You know how it's a hassle to go to everyone's journal individually to comment and get those notes for Parnes or help for the essay in Chag? Well, now it won't be.

We will post notes for Jeopardy, essay outlines, and whatever else we need. With the wide variety of things each of us specializes in, it should be easy to ask for and get help, as well. Need help understanding math? Ask ravagecsrox. History? Ask tamrakar020. Need another person to proofread your essay? Ask _diane (me).

1. Be nice. We're here to help each other.
2. Don't go off-topic. No introductory posts. We all know each other anyway, so what's the point? I suppose you could say "This is _______" just for clarification, but only if you have something relevant to ask or say after it.
3. I reserve the right to ban anyone who gets on my nerves. Ha!
4. All entries must be friends-only.

Moderated/Maintained by _diane.
Moderated by ravagecsrox