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I've taken it upon myself to post homework because frankly i could use it, but my thinking is that everyone else could use it as well. If you'd rather me not do this please comment or if you do please comment. If anyone would like to give me homework for other classes not listed please do and i will add it to my list each day. Thanks


AP Biology -
Read DNA cloning and restrictive enzymes (Ch 20) for tomorrow
Free response packet due friday (i think), read chapter

AP English Literature -
Dialectical journals (dont know when they are due)

AP Calculus -
Assignment #7 pg. 312 1-57(x3) except 54
Assignment #8 pg. 321 1-42(x3) 43,44,47,48

AP Government (Bennett)
Read chapter 16 Federal Courts, if you havent done so
Choose stocks?

AP Art History
Bring in trip slip forms etc... for trip to Norton Simon on Thursday
Choose artworks for Norton Simon assignment and complete pre-museum part (due April 8)
Extra Credit - Choose artworks for Pacific Asia museum assignment and complete pre-museum part (due April 8)
Italian Renaissance Outline due monday
Italian Renaissance Test on monday

Assigned stories due Friday

**** If this inconvenienced anyone, im sorry, good day
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New Bruins!

It's amazing how many people have been admitted to UCLA this year. The list at the moment is 26 people strong, and it grows every day. At this rate, we might even surpass thirty students, at least twenty of which will accept the admissions offer.

With so many of us going, it would be nice to keep in touch and do some of the upcoming freshman activities together. How cool would it be, for example, if everyone who's dorming had someone they already know in their building to socialize with? Having our little power base could really ease the transition to college life.

Or, how about taking a campus tour or an orientation as a field trip? I'm sure Jokela would sponsor and Donahoe would have no problem with approving it (his daughter went there, after all). If any peer counselors want to mention it to Jokela (seeing as how she might be more receptive to you guys), I think it would be a lot of fun and good for morale, etc.

The G & G Needs you

If anyone saw, knows something about, knows someone who saw, or knows someone who knows something about Friday's events, please contact either myself (email:, aim: dogonegavar) or Sunny (email: If anonymity is requested, anonymity will be granted. Just help us out. We need information and/or leads. Thank you.
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Summer Reading

I hope all of your have started on (or have at least bought) your summer reading books. I've started on both Nectar in a Sieve and The Bean Trees, and they're actually really good. Easy reads, too. I've read the first couple of pages of Endurance and Into Thin Air, and the writing styles in both seem tolerable.
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(no subject)

New rule: all entries must be friends only, or they will be deleted.

Note: to make friends only entries, you must go to the full update page here and in the pull-down menu labeled "Security Level," select "Friends only."
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Mod post

Gee, I hope this works, you guys. It would be awesome if it did. Think about it: only one of us would have to take notes in each class. That frees up time to do homework that we didn't do the night before!

Anyways, down to business. One, I'm looking for someone to do stuff to the layout. I could do it, but it would take me forever because I suck at html. If you'd like to throw in an icon, that would be nice as well.

Remember to advertise in your journals! This will only work if we have a lot of people.

If you think I should add anything to the bio or if you have anything to add to the interests list, just comment and I'll get right on it.

By the way, I figured I should make some rules:

1. Be nice. We're here to help each other.
2. Don't go off-topic. [EDIT:] No introductory posts. We all know each other anyway, so what's the point? I suppose you could say "This is _______" just for clarification, but only if you have something relevant to ask or say after it.
3. I reserve the right to ban anyone who gets on my nerves. Ha!

I love being mod.

By the way, feel free to ask for help if you don't understand something in one of your classes. The whole point is that all of us are especially good at something. For example, I'm pretty good at essays but suck at AP physics. If I help someone with their essay, I would hope someone would help me with my physics homework. It's like karma, people.

Now go out there and advertise!