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Im sorry if this is taking up space on your friends page

I've taken it upon myself to post homework because frankly i could use it, but my thinking is that everyone else could use it as well. If you'd rather me not do this please comment or if you do please comment. If anyone would like to give me homework for other classes not listed please do and i will add it to my list each day. Thanks


AP Biology -
Read DNA cloning and restrictive enzymes (Ch 20) for tomorrow
Free response packet due friday (i think), read chapter

AP English Literature -
Dialectical journals (dont know when they are due)

AP Calculus -
Assignment #7 pg. 312 1-57(x3) except 54
Assignment #8 pg. 321 1-42(x3) 43,44,47,48

AP Government (Bennett)
Read chapter 16 Federal Courts, if you havent done so
Choose stocks?

AP Art History
Bring in trip slip forms etc... for trip to Norton Simon on Thursday
Choose artworks for Norton Simon assignment and complete pre-museum part (due April 8)
Extra Credit - Choose artworks for Pacific Asia museum assignment and complete pre-museum part (due April 8)
Italian Renaissance Outline due monday
Italian Renaissance Test on monday

Assigned stories due Friday

**** If this inconvenienced anyone, im sorry, good day
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