Super-Di (_diane) wrote in study_group_05,

New Bruins!

It's amazing how many people have been admitted to UCLA this year. The list at the moment is 26 people strong, and it grows every day. At this rate, we might even surpass thirty students, at least twenty of which will accept the admissions offer.

With so many of us going, it would be nice to keep in touch and do some of the upcoming freshman activities together. How cool would it be, for example, if everyone who's dorming had someone they already know in their building to socialize with? Having our little power base could really ease the transition to college life.

Or, how about taking a campus tour or an orientation as a field trip? I'm sure Jokela would sponsor and Donahoe would have no problem with approving it (his daughter went there, after all). If any peer counselors want to mention it to Jokela (seeing as how she might be more receptive to you guys), I think it would be a lot of fun and good for morale, etc.
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